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Take your healing journey to a deeper level:
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"I wanted to jump start the new year by upgrading my food choices, establishing
more consistency in exercise and adopting a more relaxed attitude in my daily life."

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Each of the services I offer gives you the opportunity to develop your innate healing ability, enhance your intuition and become more balanced. Learn More…


In my blog, I share healing stories along with observations about healing, science, consciousness, Qigong, Chinese Medicine and more. The Blog…


Testimonials reflect the transformational healing experiences people have who come through BSH. It may inspire hope and help you open to your possibilities. See testimonials…

Many Paths. One Goal. Your Budding Spring Healing Journey…

Dr-Larry-StolerBudding Spring Healing (BSH) is Dr. Larry Stoler’s site for Psychotherapy, Life Force Tao of Medical Qigong, the Dragon’s Way® Program, Qigong Wellness classes, and other services.

Budding Spring Healing offers you an opportunity to experience healing that addresses the root causes of your problems and open up the blocked channels to the full expression of yourself. You’ll discover ways to build your energy (Qi), let go of limiting beliefs, deepen relationships, strengthen your intuition, and experience your inborn power to heal.

As a site in which you are given information about wellness services and about health and healing, it is important that you read and understand the disclaimer so as to be clear about the nature of our relationship and the information presented here. Please read the disclaimer before continuing.

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