I was with my teacher, Master Lu, recently and he spoke quite a bit about digestion and metabolism. A key take-away? We greatly limit ourselves when we focus only on the physical aspects of metabolism. This leads us to focus too much on what we put into our bodies and not on our body’s ability to metabolize what we eat. And here metabolizing includes going from being able to receive something new all the way through to being able to manifest in our lives the invisible messages of what we take in. Food, for example, through its Qi, carries the invisible messages of Nature and delivers these to us. If we are truly open, we can receive remarkable gifts.

Can we receive and process the invisible essence of the food we eat? How can we receive anything new when we are already filled to capacity with stuff (yes, food, but also information) that we aren’t able to process.

Have you considered that your stomach is designed to digest information as well as food?

Informational overload and stress tax the stomach’s function and disrupts key internal relationships and can lead to many adverse health conditions.

Qigong can restore our natural balance and help us function in harmony both internally and with Nature. When this happens, healing occurs naturally. And we can unlock hidden potential.

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Click here to listen to Master Lu speak about Metabolism Function.

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