October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. But I’d prefer it be named Breast Health Awareness Month.

From a Chinese Medicine framework, everything is energy. Illness reflects a shift away from our being in a state of energetic harmony. Illness originates when something disrupts the fundamental harmony that governs our relationship within our bodies and between ourselves and the Universe. Invisible changes in our energetic field precede change in physical reality. Modern science expresses this relationship in Einstein’s famous equation, E=MC2, showing that Energy (Invisible) and Matter (Visible) are equivalent.

Chinese Medicine recognizes this interplay between the Invisible and the Visible. It is another way that the fundamental forces of Yin and Yang operate in our world. In this framework, the Invisible is more powerful than and precedes the Visible.

Another way of saying this is that physical reality is a reflection of a higher order invisible reality.

Therefore when we see physical illness, rather than focus primarily on what we can see and measure, we would do better to focus on the invisible factors that are the deeper causes of this physical manifestation.

The great doctors of Chinese Medicine, long predating modern psychology, understood that a primary invisible cause of illness are emotions, in particular long held negative emotions. Emotions are a form of energy, and imbalanced emotions can lead to physical conditions or illnesses.

The remedies that Chinese Medicine recommend, like Qigong, acupuncture, herbs and others are not aimed at defeating illness, which is seen as a reflection of an energetic disturbance. Changing a mirror does not improve the original image!

Instead their purpose is to support a return to higher level functioning, by building the body’s energy foundation, the body’s link to unlimited Qi and strengthening the function of key organs in the body so that the person can better digest their emotions and their life.

With these practices, your body begins to reflect a clearer picture of your higher energetic vibration. It helps you connect to and live your purpose. When this occurs, your body will reflect health and vitality.

Are you interested in experiencing this ancient path to breast health?

Sign up today for the Qigong for Women’s Health class that begins December 7th in Wilmette. The class will be taught by Jenny Merdinger.

Want to learn more? Check out Master Nan Lu’s Breast Cancer Prevention Project: http://breastcancer.com/

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