We started a new Dragon’s Way® class this week and I was delighted to learn that everyone in the class already had some kind of daily self-care practice. Usually, one of the biggest challenges of doing the Dragon’s Way® program is to find 30 minutes every day to practice the Wu Ming Qigong movements. But this class has a head start.

Practice, practice, practice! How many times have I heard Master Lu say to us, “You guys don’t practice enough. It takes practice to build your Qi foundation!”.

I remember when I first started practicing Qigong and it was a struggle to find 11 minutes in the morning to do the routine I learned. I was pretty motivated and I have a lot of self-discipline but it still took weeks for me to make this a regular practice. And then the challenge was to practice for 100 consecutive days! Yikes. Eventually, it became routine like brushing my teeth.

I’ve learned since that one of the most important things that helps you build a routine of daily practice is to have a really good reason to do it.

It’s fair to ask after all. How will I benefit from doing the Dragon’s Way practice, or any of the practices Master Lu teaches? The answer is that these practices stimulate your meridians and through this build an inner connection with your spirit. Qigong is like a direct line to the Divine, to your truest, most loving, inner counselor and healer. Do your practice and receive a gift in the form of Qi with its unique personalized message and huge amount of energy. It’s delivered right to you and is exactly what you need. Qigong practice works to strengthen this direct connection between your body and your spirit.

The message is delivered and then it is up to you to digest it and use it to upgrade your life. Don’t see a transformation yet? The solution is….practice, practice, practice!

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