We inspire individuals to rediscover the body’s wisdom.

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Life is a mystery. Healing is too. You don’t need to understand everything to start getting benefits today.


Qigong movements and practical lifestyle shifts bring amazing results.


Tao of Medical Qigong

Jumpstart your healing with traditional, needle-free Chinese energy work.



Turn problems to possibilities with this unique mind-body-spirit approach.


Lifelong Health with Qigong

Grand Master Nan Lu on your natural healing ability

Welcome to Budding Spring Healing

At Budding Spring Healing, everything we do is based on Qi or vital energy, and accessing your body’s wisdom. Through Qi, at the deep level, everything is connected. You and the universe are one. Each aspect of your being–body, mind and spirit–are inseparable and are capable of cooperating fully for optimum health.

We will show you a natural way to regain your health and to feel emotionally balanced and happy again. We use ancient proven methods alongside modern approaches. Our programs, such as qigong, help renew joy in your life, and awaken your intuition and self-healing ability. You can cultivate the courage to live your purpose with an open heart and a peaceful mind.

Most of all, we are here to help you discover that healing is in your hands.

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