Tao of Medical Qigong FAQ’s

“Everything that appears in the physical realm is always connected with energy flow at the invisible level.” – Grand Master Nan Lu

What is LifeForce Tao of Medical Qigong (MQ)?

Medical Qigong (MQ) is energy healing at the highest level, a comprehensive healing approach based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. It goes beyond the mind to strengthen your connection to the invisible life force. MQ works with your inner wisdom to better use this energy for healing purposes.

What happens in a Tao of Medical Qigong session?

MQ sessions are face-to-face and typically take an hour. You will receive a hands-off energy transmission while sitting in a chair or lying on a massage table. Your body uses this Qi to jumpstart your own inner healing. Most people find this remarkably relaxing and fascinating.

How many sessions do I need to get results?

Your first MQ session includes an evaluation of your health issue from which a treatment plan is designed. This plan is aimed at getting results and is based on a thorough understanding of your needs and your energy. It will likely include MQ energy transmission, Qigong movements for homework, Chinese herbs, and a mind-body-spirit psychological framing of the issue. Most clients receive weekly sessions for the first 4-6 weeks. Since every person is unique, we cannot say how many sessions you will need. However, most people begin to notice some changes within a few weeks. An important goal is to give you the tools you need to heal yourself.

What kinds of physical problems do you treat with Medical Qigong?

  • Pain, including headaches
  • Bloating, reflux, metabolic imbalances and weight gain and other digestive problems
  • Women’s health issues, including menopause related problems
  • Men’s health concerns, including sexual problems
  • Cancer on a case by case basis
  • Food sensitivities
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Healing from accidents, like ankle sprains and burns

Can Medical Qigong help me even if I don’t really understand how it works?

Of course! You are a child of the Universe, and this healing gift is your birthright. In our sessions, you will gain the skills and knowledge needed to take full advantage of the new opportunities of this unlimited source of healing.

Do you accept insurance?

We offer many options for payment, which is expected at the time of service. Please consult with your insurance provider to determine whether coverage is available to you. If you have an HSA, you might be able to use that for your MQ sessions.

How do you get trained to be a Medical Qigong practitioner?

While Medical Qigong is a component of Traditional Chinese Medicine, authentic Medical Qigong training is rare. Before 2008, LifeForce Tao of Medical Qigong training under Grand Master Lu was never before available in the West. In 2008, Dr. Stoler was in the first group of practitioners to receive this training. Jenny Merdinger was in the first advanced training offered since 2015 and has four years of practice. Grand Master Lu follows ancient methods requiring students to engage in intensive energy practice while living, working and learning together. Since 2008, Dr. Stoler and Jenny have been in on-going Medical Qigong training with Grand Master Lu. Please visit Grandmasternanlu.com for more details.

Is Medical Qigong like acupuncture?

These two treatment approaches are cousins from the Traditional Chinese Medicine framework, each strengthens the client’s Qi, allowing for energy blockages to be removed, and for overall function to be improved. Medical Qigong does not use needles to activate energy pathways on the body.


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