If you’re like millions of Americans, getting through the day means dealing with joint pain, headaches, digestive complaints, insomnia and fatigue, food sensitivities and emotional overwhelm.

Women, you face a variety of menstrual difficulties and if you’re of the age, menopausal symptoms, bloating and weight gain.

Men, as you age, you deal with fatigue, knee and back pain, prostate issues and, of course, ED.

You may be going to the doctor more frequently. You may be on a growing list of medications and over the counter remedies and supplements but not getting decisively better. You are trying to convince yourself to “learn to live with it.”

It doesn’t have to be like this.

Over the past 3 years at Budding Spring Healing, hundreds of people have reclaimed good health through our Wu Ming Qigong programs. We teach self-healing practices based on thousands of years of ancient Chinese healing wisdom and brought to the west by Master Nan Lu at the Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation in New York.

Our students commonly tell us that they have never felt so alive, vital and healthy. Doing Qigong is often the best part of their day. They are more creative, calm, intuitive and mentally sharp.

What makes these programs different? The Qigong energy exercises. Qigong helps to balance your organs and jumpstarts your body’s innate healing ability. Wu Ming Qigong is based on the same healing principles, based on healing from the inside out, that have helped people stay well for thousands of years. Linked to the original Taoist masters, when you practice Wu Ming Qigong, you draw on the power and wisdom of the generations.

This means that healing is in your hands. It’s not about food; it’s not about doing the right work-out; it’s not about anything outside of you. It’s all about YOU. And it’s doable.

This fall, we want to help you get started. We are offering 3 programs to give you the chance to experience the power of Qigong: The Dragon’s Way®, Qigong for Women’s Health and Qigong for Men’s Health.

Check out the Budding Spring Healing calendar and sign up for a class now. Share the opportunity with your friends, family and co-workers.

It is time to reclaim your health today.

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