The challenge in healing work, it seems to me, is to regard each encounter as an experience of the infinite creativity of the Universe. In my office and in talks I give, I often invite people to consider the improbability of our meeting, of our being together. This applies to me and to you who read this. Quite literally the entire Universe has to agree, has to follow a remarkable unbroken chain of events in order for any two people to meet. Consider this example: In order for a client and me to meet in my office at the very least both of us have to be well and able to get to the office. Not only do we have to be in good health and be physically able to make it to the meeting, everyone in our family has to be well, too. If a child, or parent or a pet were to take ill, we might have to cancel. On the way to the office, whatever transportation we use must flow well enough for us to make it. Any accident, or stoppage could keep us from each other. If you think this way, it won’t take long to come up with an enormous list of factors that must be just so in order to allow us to meet. And this isn’t touching deeper layers, like how it is that we meet in a given year, in a give season, in a certain place. Or deeper still, how it is that we happen to be alive at this time, thus able to physically encounter each other.

It is for these reasons that I consider a meeting as governed by invisible, spiritual forces that operating behind the scenes, allow us to have this encounter. Our meeting is an improbable opportunity with unknown–and maybe unknowable–potential. This moment, ripe with possibility, that we are participating in, and to some extent are co-creating, has never existed before. It is entirely new. Extend this idea further: The whole Universe is in this same state of constant creation.

So, why don’t we experience the awe and wonder of this and every moment, this and every encounter?

Our mind, our point of view, blocks this awareness.

We see what we want to see. The newness of this moment becomes lost as we see it instead as a repackaging of the past. We just extend what we already know. We are haunted by the past. We can’t break free of it. Even our wishes for a “better” future are often dictated by our desire to break free from what we believe was an unhappy past.

Your convictions about the truthfulness of your past are at best incomplete and at worst significant distortions of what actually happened. Remember every encounter is a moment of awesome creative potential. Do you see this in your recollections of your past?

To enter into this awesome creative moment, let go of the past, drop the mind and you can be free. Drop the mind, cultivate your intuition, and you might get a glimpse of the Infinite. – Larry

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