October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This is important as breast cancer is a concern of most every woman (and not a few men), along with her family and loved ones.

Missing from the societal discussion about breast cancer is the important role that Qigong and Chinese Medicine can play in helping to prevent breast cancer and helping those who have been treated for breast cancer manage side effects and return to good health.

Chinese Medicine has a long history of identifying and treating breast cancer. Documentation of this can be found dating back to 600 AD. Chinese Medicine looks beyond physical symptoms to address deeper root causes of disease. These are factors that cause Qi to be blocked and imbalances in vital organ relationships. The pattern will often be: emotions that are out of balance lead to Qi blockages that lead to organ imbalance that then manifest as physical conditions or illness.

In the next 2 months, I’ll be teaching Qigong for Women’s Breast Health, a program of 7 Wu Ming Qigong energy stretches developed by my teacher Master Nan Lu. These exercises are every bit as powerful as the 10 Wu Ming movements in the Dragon’s Way® Program.

The Qigong for Women’s Breast Health movements are empowering because you will know that you are doing something important to strengthen yourself and to build your Qi. These movements can activate your innate self-healing abilities. Increasing your Qi means that you will have more energy, and also a stronger more direct connection with the Universal Life Force and with Unconditional Love. Once this potential is activated, the possibilities and opportunity for self-discover and healing are unlimited.

Check the Budding Spring Healing calendar for dates of upcoming Qigong for Women’s Breast Health classes.


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