I love spring. I don’t know anyone who lives in Chicago or in any place that experiences deep winter who doesn’t. That special light. The first hint of warmth underneath the cold. And now the visible signs that spring is coming. Daffodils shooting up through the ground. The birds singing. The maple trees beginning their budding process. It’s showy and visible and so beautiful.

Spring inspires us. It awakens in us the belief in renewal and rebirth. We see this in the spring holidays of Easter and Passover.

This awakening of hidden potential and latent possibility is why my practice is called Budding Spring Healing.

So with all this excitement and positivity associated with spring, why is spring the time when many people suffer runny noses, itchy eyes and sneezing? I understand this all too well. Until I began practicing Qigong, I suffered from spring allergies every year.

In the Western medical perspective, it is due to the increase of pollen and other substances that irritate nasal passages and throw us into a histamine frenzy.

In Chinese Medicine, it is all about energy and how able your body is to change with the season.

My teacher, Master Nan Lu explains that spring arrives with a special energy and a hidden message. That’s what makes every season unique. Spring, 2015, has never happened before and will never be repeated. This spring brings with it possibilities that are ripe to be manifested in your life now. But can you respond with ease? Can you put the special message, the special opportunity that spring offers into action in your life?

To respond in this way requires that your entire body be in tune with Nature.

When your body is not in tune, when you cannot make the changes smoothly and easily, you may show this imbalance by having allergic reactions.

Spring is the season of the Liver. In Chinese Medicine, your eyes are related to your Liver. Eye issues are a reflection of your Liver function. Leaky eyes tell us that you Liver function is not at the highest level. It is your Liver’s nature to respond immediately to the energies of spring. When it cannot, you may see that block in the form of leaky and itchy eyes.

This is not the way we are used to understanding our health. But if you look at it this way, recognizing that we are connected to Nature, it makes sense, does it not?

Your ability to respond to the energies and the possibilities of spring is also based on how well you prepared yourself during the winter. Winter is the season of the Kidney. It is the time when Nature freely gives support to strengthen your Kidney energies. Strong Kidneys translates into having enough energy to do everything you want to do in your life.

Unfortunately, too many of us do not protect our Qi in the winter. We don’t rest enough. We stay too busy. We spend when we should be nurturing our inner reserves. This leaves us depleted without the needed energy to support our growth through the rest of the year. Here we see that the deeper cause of spring allergies is Kidney depletion.

Be like the daffodils and crocuses and pussy willows. Bold. Hardy. Courageous. Pioneering.

Sometimes spring arrives and though we love it, it can challenge us. This spring is particularly challenging. If you find yourself dealing with unusual health issues now or during the spring, it may be that your body is not quite prepared to make the changes this spring is offering.

Practicing Qigong is an ideal way to build your energy, strengthen your Kidneys and Liver and help you jump into the new possibilities that have arrived this spring. Doing the Dragon’s Way® program in the spring can be so powerful because of this.

Also, having a Medical Qigong session can help jump start your body’s inner energy system and help you be more balanced internally and more attuned to Nature. This might initiate a healing breakthrough!

Contact me so we can discuss what the best way is for you to start doing Qigong.

What you can do now is practice seeing yourself deeply connected to Nature. Take a moment to appreciate the changes occurring all around you. Pay particular attention to your favorite tree. It can teach you how to accept change, be flexible and grow without fear.

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