To continue the theme of spiritual journeys, I had the good fortune to have an insider view of Stonehenge just after dawn recently. This hour-long visit had to be arranged long in advance as most visitors can no longer go into Stonehenge but have to view it from a visitor’s path that surrounds the site.

Located on the Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, England, Stonehenge presents a deep mystery. And it’s not the only one in the area. Avebury, Europe’s largest and most impressive ancient stone circle is near-by as are other ancient sites, like Silbury Hill and the West Kennet Long Barrow. Archaeologists have made significant advances in putting together the story of Stonehenge and even proposing a plausible explanation for how the 45 ton Sarsen stones could have been moved from the Preseli Mountains in Wales to Stonehenge, a distance of about 240 miles.

My wife and I, spiritual pilgrims re-enacting our own version of Indiana Jones, visited the Preseli Mountains in an effort to see if we could find where the stones from Stonehenge came from. We found a plausible location, but it didn’t seem so reasonable to us that 45 ton stones from there could be quarried then moved so far to Stonehenge.

The current scientific theory explaining how the stones were moved may satisfy the modern rational mind, but it is likely to miss the key hidden aspects of Stonehenge.

I was told by a friend, Jude Currivan, herself an archaeologist and a mystic, when she led my wife and me on an inside tour of Stonehenge a few years ago, that the stones at Stonehenge and Avebury are special because of their crystalline structure. She believes that in both sites the stone formations formed a kind of primitive receiver and amplifier capable of sending and receiving information from the Universe.

I believe, as well, that we are capable of receiving (“downloading?”) a great deal of information from the Universe and that sacred sites such as Stonehenge and Avebury present opportunities for doing just this and so are worthy destinations on a spiritual journey. There is every chance that  special connections can be made there.

In order to access this information, you have to meet the requirements, or you might say, you need to know the password. Qigong practice is one of the ancient ways to help us meet the requirements to access this high level information. This is why Qigong is one of the most important practices for activating our highest potentials.

Stonehenge is a special place, but it’s not the only one where these connections can be made. They are available to us on the Full Moon, through our common connection to Nature all around us, and through sacred texts, to name just a few access points. You have to want this connection and have faith that something so much outside of ordinary perception is available to you.

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  1. “To continue the theme of spiritual journeys, I had the good fortune to have an insider view of Stonehenge just after dawn recently.” What a fantastic experience!!! How fortunate you are! Working with Master Lu Nan opens up all types of possibilities. Wishing you the BEST!! (I love your web site. It is awesome!)

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