The main path of my spiritual journey has led me to study with Master Nan Lu. From this, many new avenues for healing have sprouted, hence Budding Spring. At the center of Master Lu’s teaching and practice is the Taoist principles of empty mind/open heart. Our Wu Ming practices have as their deepest aim to help each of us develop a more open heart.

On my journeys, I have found complementary practices that aim to open our hearts. One of these is Kirtan, devotional singing. Kirtan is call and response singing. Each song is basically another way to sing & chant the many names of God. My wife and I like this so much that we’ve attended a number of Labor Day intensive Kirtan weekends held at the Omega Institute. You arrive Friday at around noon and basically sing around the clock until Monday at 1 pm. And this includes the opportunity to sing through the night on Saturday.


While attending these events, I met Daniel Paul, one of leading Indian Tabla drum players key collaborator with Jai Uttal, an earlier Kirtan pioneer. Here’s an example of Daniel Paul’s Tabla accompaniment to a traditional Kirtan with another of his collaborator’s Gina Sala.

I’m excited that we’ve arranged for Daniel Paul to come to Evanston, IL for a 1 night performance on his way to this year’s Omega Institute Labor Day event.

The event will be held on Tuesday, September 1st from 7 – 9pm* (Kirtan events never really end on time!) at Lighthouse Yoga, 1234 Sherman Ave. Cost is $30. Registration through Lighthouse Yoga is highly recommended. Here’s the link to the Facebook event page. Spread the word!

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