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Lighten Up & Shed Weight

Boost Energy

Relieve Pain & Feel Better

Lighten Up & Shed Weight

Boost Energy

Relieve Pain & Feel Better

A Simple Path Forward

  • Do you make healthy choices without getting healthier?
  • Do you want to break free from the cycle of searching for the “best” diet and exercise programs?
  • Are you giving away your energy and can’t find a way to stop?
  • Are you confused about which direction to go and who to trust?

We’ve Walked in Your Shoes

We know the challenge of being in physical and emotional pain and the frustration of not finding lasting solutions. You live with these conditions and do your best. You have hope and continue to explore a way forward.

We’ve learned to use energy and honor the body’s natural healing ability in order to feel better and happier. You have this same healing ability within you. It’s not enough to buy new shoes and walk on the same path. You have to change the path you are on.

We’ll guide you on a Path of Healing, where you’ll discover how to:
  • Build Qi, your life force energy, essential for deep and lasting healing
  • Keep your focus on health, not illness
  • Start trusting your body’s healing wisdom NOW
  • Use foods for healing
Download Your FREE Winter Wellness Guide
Path #1
Get a Total Body Tune Up

Join a virtual group or hybrid in-person Dragon’s Way Qigong® Class.
We guide you through this well traveled Qigong and Chinese Medicine pilgrimage. It’s a 6 week personal, energy healing journey where your practice and the power of the group’s energy field helps restore inner balance.

Path #2
Personalize Your Path

Bespoke Wellness: Individualized guidance and personalized programs combining Qigong, Tao of Medical Qigong® treatments, Chinese Medicine and lifestyle changes. We are with you and will help guide you on your path to health and well-being.

Path #3
Strengthen Your Qi Foundation

The tallest tree needs healthy roots. More energy is our foundation. (Qigong is at the root of good health.) We’ll show you Qigong energy practices that you can do on your own to build that energy foundation and jumpstart your healing journey.
Each of these is a gateway to start your journey:
The Four Energy Gates. Spirit Gate Breathing. Energy, Everyday, Everybody Qigong practice.

Get Started on Your New Path

1. Schedule a Call

It’s hard to see a path to a place you’ve never been. Put a short call on your calendar to tell us more about where you want to go and what’s getting in the way, and see if we sound like the right partners to help you along your new path to use your body’s innate intelligence as the gateway to lasting, positive change. Schedule a Call>>

2. View the Program Calendar

Find your way toward waking up each morning with a clear mind and lighter, flexible body. Read program details and register. View Upcoming Events>>

3. Subscribe to Pig & Dragon

In short videos, Larry and Jenny tackle everyday stress, lifestyle obligations and complications, and mental and physical health through the lens of Natural Law, Yin Yang, and Five Element Framework. Listen and join in the conversation now and every week on YouTube and Facebook. View the latest episode>>

Your Healing Journey Guides

You are about to embark on an exciting, mysterious and potentially life-changing journey. You want the most experienced guides, those who know the path well.

Dr Larry Stoler and Jenny Merdinger have extensive training and personal experience guiding others on this profound and personal journey.

Both Dr Stoler and Jenny Merdinger have unique Qigong and Chinese Medicine training directly from Grandmaster Nan Lu. They can help you adapt ancient healing wisdom to meet your challenges in today’s stressful lifestyle.

Dr Stoler is a leader of the integration of Eastern and Western healing approaches and was the president of a leading energy psychology organization. Jenny Merdinger brings to her work both her natural healing gifts and the wisdom she gained from her personal healing journey using these same approaches.

Both Dr Stoler and Jenny Merdinger are careful listeners, have an easy, accepting manner and bring good humor to their work.

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