Bespoke Wellness

Bespoke Wellness gives you personalized guidance about how to apply the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qigong to help you overcome life challenges and activate your unique gifts. Maybe you’re feeling stuck or you’ve lost your creative spark, or you need a physical boost. Bespoke Wellness can help you discover your path to greater balance, joy and self-expression.

In Bespoke Wellness sessions, you’ll learn to see the challenge you face from a new angle. Depending on your unique situation, you might be given Qigong exercises, Chinese herbal supplements, suggestions for lifestyle changes and recommendations for ways to eat that support change, healing and growth.

Whether you work with Jenny Merdinger or Dr. Larry Stoler, you’ll benefit from our many years of experience training with Grand Master Nan Lu. You’ll gain insights and benefits that have grown through a decade of energy healing classes, and programs held virtually and in-person. Your everyday life is connected to Qi, or lifeforce energy. You are constantly healing yourself; discover how to make the most of your time and effort.

Bespoke Wellness has helped:

  1. A 43 year-old woman struggling with perimenopausal symptoms and other health worries, used Qigong to balance her body and noticed a significant improvement in her symptoms, mood and outlook about her future;
  2. A 48 year-old professional musician, who knew there was more to his artistry than he was showing, became unblocked and reached a higher level of artistry, freedom and self-expression;
  3. A 32 year-old graduate student who was unable to complete her dissertation was able to let go of her perfectionism and experience a renewed creative flow in her work;
  4. A 54 year-old woman received guidance and learned specific personalized practices to help anchor and integrate what had become a wide range of spiritual practices and engagements so that she could take her passion for energy healing to others.

Bespoke Wellness sessions can be done in person or virtually.

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