The Four Energy Gates

Feel better, lighter, and more connected. This practice puts the secrets of ancient Taoist healing wisdom in your hands.

Looking for a roadmap to self-care that can become a foundation for life-long wellness? Register here for August 2022’s The Four Energy Gates program, a fantastic foundation for a daily TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine Qigong practice.

In just 30 minutes, you can get a total tune-up through stimulating and gently massaging each of the Four Energy Gates. The practice helps you de-stress, balance your body, improve flexibility, sharpen your thinking, and strengthen your immune system.

Grand Master Nan Lu worked with directly with his teacher, Master Xi-hua Xu, to devise this series to put energy meridian healing in your hands. Regular practice will improve your nagging physical and emotional conditions and improve your metabolism and organ function. 

Doing the Four Energy Gates creates inner balance, improves health, and also opens other gates. You become more attuned to the changing seasons, to Nature, and become a truer reflection of yourself.

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