Every program offered by Budding Spring Healing is based on Wu Ming Qigong, an ancient energy system that beautifully integrates with modern life to improve health and peace of mind. Our participants discover something extraordinary: We are all energy beings born with self-healing ability. Every one of our cells is programmed to seek health, not illness or disease!

We offer a rotating selection of programs, so make sure to check the calendar to see what is scheduled next. If you would like to sign up for one of our programs, please click on the button below to do so.

Dragon’s Way Qigong®

Our everyday life is our practice. It becomes an opportunity for self-discovery, and to allow our intuition to grow. This comprehensive 6-week program combines Wu Ming Qigong with foods, herbs, and lifestyle choices. It helps students explore new routines to heal body, mind, and spirit at the deepest level.

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The Four Energy Gates

Each of the Four Energy Gates is a special energy portal that can be stimulated by acupressure or gentle massage. In just 30 minutes, you can give yourself a total body tune-up! This simple practice has the power behind it to support your life-long wellness.

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Qigong for Women’s Breast Health

True wellness for women is an active, life-enhancing process that can only be gained from a strong internal energy system. Regardless of the current stresses, worries and fears, or ill health you may currently face, you can accomplish wellness with astonishing ease through the powerful Qigong for Women’s Health practice.

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Upcoming Events

Budding Spring Healing connects with TCM World Foundation of New York to help boost Qigong practice and benefits. Locally we’re planning outings and events. All ideas are welcome.

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