When my colleague, Dr. David Edelberg, writes health tips that address the state of medicine in our country, he is regularly spot-on. I keep thinking about his recent piece, We Want You To Die. In this he shares how insurance companies and the increasing “Walmartization” of medicine (the mega institutions buying out smaller practices) threatens the kind of personal care and attention that was the hallmark of medicine in the past. This trend is driving doctors away from primary care and changing being a doctor from following a calling to help people into another professional job. This move to industrial medicine, even with its emphasis on “evidence-based practices”, is not delivering better care. From what I’ve seen, we, the general public, are increasingly living in a state of fear—fear of disease and death, fear of the foods we eat, fear of the health care system itself and fear of dependence on doctors and hospitals. As is well known, fear is a major amplifier of stress. And stress leads to many of the preventable illnesses that get us hooked in the medical system to begin with.

I’ve long believed that the remedy for this situation is for us all to take better care of ourselves and to be proactive about cultivating health and well being. From many years of study and exploration, I know of no better way of doing this than by having a regular, daily Qigong practice. This is why I’m so passionate about teaching The Dragon’s Way® Program, and why I’m planning to offer other Qigong for Wellness programs in the near future.

Programs like The 4-Energy Gates, Qigong for Women’s Breast Health and Qigong programs to strengthen metabolism and help overcome anxiousness and depressed moods each naturally strengthen our internal foundation for wellness and activate our innate healing capacity.

There are times when Western Medicine is needed. The best situation is to work with a physician who recognizes the value of practices like Qigong. Better still is to have a solid Qigong foundation when you enter the medical system. You’ll likely respond better to treatment and be a fuller partner in your healing journey.

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