My thoughts and response to Frank Bruni’s NYTimes Op-Ed piece, Diet Lures and Diet Lies.

We are a nation obsessed with food, obsessed with weight loss. Has anyone considered that excessive weight follows naturally from being in an environment where we are bombarded daily with enticing foods to eat and endless ways to exercise, control your body’s shape, and lose weight? All this in a supposed pursuit of good health.

Here’s the comment I sent in to the NYTimes:

I’m neither convinced by the supplement industry nor by the absolute pronouncements of the scientists.

In the face of a health crisis of this magnitude, isn’t time to look at other options? Maybe our bodies are not machines. Maybe the only solutions are not external.

I’m a psychologist with a deep interest in mind-body health. Looking at these problems from another angle, I discovered that there are very promising approaches from Chinese Medicine that can help. These approaches use the fact that our bodies have great self-healing abilities. The body is seen as possessing great wisdom. They use easy (non-aerobic) energy exercises to jump start the body’s ability to balance itself.

Energy exercises? Chinese Medicine views our body as having both visible and invisible components. The invisible Qi or life force, in our body animates us. It helps to power and direct our body’s functions. Ancient Chinese thought appears to agree with the modern science understanding of the Universe. It appears that the visible Universe is only 4% of the known Universe. The rest, 96% is invisible dark energy and dark matter.

A disclaimer: I teach the Dragon’s Way® Program. It’s an example of an effective weight loss program based on Chinese Medicine. I find it reassuring to teach a wellness program based on thousands of years of practice and wisdom. This program is natural, empowering, and improves health. That’s worth investigating.

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