Ever since I began my career in health care, I’ve been pursuing therapies that offered the possibility of going beyond symptom reduction to address the deeper causes of the problem. In my early training in mental health, I was exposed to Freudian analytic concepts. I was attracted to the elegance of this model because it clearly recognized that there were deeper, hidden psychic causes to the observable condition.

My journey led me to explore many different psychological approaches including hypnosis, mindfulness, and energy psychology. I also had deep experience with innovative approaches in Western Medicine, largely due to my 15 years of experience working in integrative medicine. Every system I pursued met the requirement of helping to alleviate the presenting problem and address a deeper contributing cause.

Skip forward to the present where I’ve now been intensively studying Chinese Medicine healing and philosophy with my teacher, Master Nan Lu. Authentic Chinese Medicine is also a system based on the understanding that the observed problem or condition is a message about deeper problems and deeper imbalances. After all my years of study, I recognize Chinese Medicine as the most comprehensive healing system I’ve encountered. It is natural healing system that elegantly reflects who we are–an integrated body-mind-spirit whole.

I teach the Dragon’s Way® program because it offers an immediate, personal experience with this deep healing system.

The Dragon’s Way program helps people overcome all the different conditions associated with poor digestion, overeating and cravings, and weight issues. These benefits occur because the Dragon’s Way is a program that boosts your energy, your Qi (and your ability to use this energy), and helps your organs regain their proper function. This approach supports your body’s natural wisdom. It helps balance relationships both inside your body (for example, between all the organs) and between you and your external environment, to Nature, and all the way to the Universe.

Once this occurs, your body heals itself. Your digestion returns to normal. You can digest food better, and you can digest the daily informational input as well. Cravings go away. No more binge eating! Food stops being an enemy. You feel calmer and less stressed. And you start to access hidden capabilities, like increased intuition. This is what deep healing looks like.

Sounds like a hot new discovery! It should be featured on the Dr. Oz show. But wait, this healing system has been in use for thousands of years.

Conventional Western medicine doctors continue to identify biological factors that contribute to eating and weight problems. These factors are hidden and are thought to be deeper, root causes. But these discoveries are just on the physical, body, level. Your body is viewed as a machine with one or more parts malfunctioning. If you are treated with a new medicine or supplement and your problem improves, this is only a physical improvement—though you may be fully satisfied with that. Physical solutions are a bottom-up approach to the body-mind-spirit relational disharmony that is at the heart of ill health. This is the most difficult way to access our remarkable healing ability.

Authentic Chinese Medicine, by contrast, addresses the mind-spirit aspects first and thus offers a top-down approach to activate our innate healing response. This is expansive, ecological, natural, and powerful. It is a way to help us discover hidden and unique qualities about ourselves.

What are you waiting for? I’m ready to help you discover your true healing ability.

I’m offering Dragon’s Way classes again this fall, along with a number of talks and other Qigong wellness programs. I hope to see you there. If you’re not in the Chicago area, get in touch with me. Let’s see if we can find a way to help you take the next step in your healing journey.

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